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While there are many replacement parts that you could choose to install in your Nissan, these parts are not all the same. The two danger categories are OEM parts and aftermarket parts. At Suburban Nissan of Farmington Hills, we are proud to be your preferred supplier of OEM parts or original equipment manufacturer parts.

Benefits of OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

At first glance, OEM and aftermarket parts may appear to be identical. However, OEM replacement parts are perfectly designed to match the features that your Nissan was originally manufactured with. On the other hand, aftermarket parts could be designed for general use in a wide range of makes and models.


Through the engineering and manufacturing processes for OEM, Nissan-branded replacement parts, the parts are created to be exact matches to the vehicle’s original parts in all ways. Aftermarket parts, however, may not be produced using the same high-quality materials and standards. As a result, longevity and reliability may be questionable.

Warranty & Support

Your Nissan’s manufacturer's warranty is only valid when OEM replacement parts are used. If you choose to install aftermarket parts in your Nissan, some or all of the warranty could be nullified. Using OEM replacement parts also give you continued access to the manufacturer’s support services.

Proper Fit & Ease of Replacement

Nissan’s OEM replacement parts are engineered specifically to go in Nissan models, so they fit perfectly. As a result, they are easy to install. On the other hand, aftermarket parts could be used on a variety of models from various automakers, so they may not fit snug. Because of this, they may require more finagling to get them to fit properly, and they may wear out more quickly.

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